Household Insecticides

The Original Laxmanrekhaa is India's first and most well-known Insecticide chalk for Cockroaches & Ants, it is till date one of the most effective and economical product for eradicating cockroaches/ants. New Krazy Lines Plus is India's first and most premium Insecticide chalk for Cockroaches & Ants. New Krazy Lines Gold insecticide chalk is very effective and kills the hard to kill German (small) cockroaches as well as American ( Big) cockroaches. New Krazy Ratmaar is a rat cake bait made with Bromadiolone formulation which is very effective for killing rats. New Krazy Lines Spray is used for flying as well as crawling insects i.e multi insect killer. To eradicate cockroaches Krazy Lines Gel is a simple and effective product. This formulation of Fipronil Gel is one of the best formulation for controlling cockroaches at home/office.