Herbal Khatnil B/T (For Borers and Termites)

HERBAL KHATNIL B/T (For Borer and Termites)


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Herbal Khatnil-BT is an effective product to eradicate borers & termites. Herbal Khatnil B/T contains herbal oils so it is safer than other harmful poisonous products available in the market, and due to 100% liquid formulation it is a very economical product. Herbal Khatnil B/T is a very safe and effective product for controlling borer & termite infestation at home.

How To Use: Remove the spray pump from the bottle and attach the given pipe. Replace the plug with spray pump and attached pipe.

As shown in the image, spray Herbal Khatnil-BT in the areas infested with borer & termite for effective control.

It has to be directly sprayed on Borers & Termites infestations.

Also before painting the house, it can be mixed in the primer which adds extra protection to the house against Borers & Termites Herbal Khatnil-BT can also be added to the foundation while constructing the house.

Website: http://midashygiene.net/portfolios/herbal-khatnil-bt/ 

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