Herbal Khatnil B/T (For Borers and Termites)

HERBAL KHATNIL B/T (For Borer and Termites)


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Herbal Khatnil B/T is a liquid based product for effective control of Borers and Termites in wooden furniture and good for localised infestation.

It is not for use in case of heavy infestation where structural damage has occurred in homes due to long term neglect of borer and termite problem.

It comes in plastic container which can be stored easily and is available in 2 sizes, 250ml and 500ml. It also has a trigger spray pump attached for ease in use on infested areas.

Borer and termite infestation can cause huge damage and loss to a household if not detected early and acted upon immediately. If you observe any powder dust in wall or furniture then these are signs of borer and termite infestation and action is required. When the problem is detected early the solution is cheap and effective and damage is lesser. 

Website: http://midashygiene.net/portfolios/herbal-khatnil-bt/ 

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