Herbal Khatnil K-20 (For Bedbugs)

HERBAL KHATNIL K-20 (For Bed Bugs)


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Herbal Khatnil K-20 is a specialised formulation especially for the control of bedbugs. Herbal Khatnil K-20 contains herbal oils so it is safer than other harmful poisonous products available in the market, and due to a 100% liquid formulation it is a very economical product. Herbal Khatnil K-20 is a very safe and effective product for controlling bed bug infestation at home.

How To Use: Remove the spray pump from the bottle and attach the given pipe. Replace the plug with spray pump and attached pipe.

As shown in the image, spray Herbal Khatnil K-20 in the usual hiding places of bedbugs for effective control.

Be very careful not to leave any place untreated where there is possibility of bed bugs because even if few are left they multiply very fast. For severe infestation you can also repeat the treatment after a gap of few days from the first use.

Sometime bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices of walls, apart from the furniture. It is important to spray even in those places.

Website: http://midashygiene.net/portfolios/khatnil-k20/

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