Herbal Khatnil K-20 (For Bedbugs)

HERBAL KHATNIL K-20 (For Bed Bugs)


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Khatnil K-20 is an herbal liquid based product used for eradication of bedbugs

It comes in a plastic bottle with trigger spray pump available in 100ml, 250ml and 500ml packs.

Bedbugs can be a big nuisance once infested in homes and cause many a sleepless nights due to constant biting and blood sucking. Once bedbugs are located in house purchase Khatnil K-20 from market and apply in prescribed manner on affected areas.

Follow instructions on the pack carefully and avoid any area untreated which has bedbugs because they grow in numbers very fast and even if 5% are left they will soon multiply and again cause a menace.

Website: http://midashygiene.net/portfolios/khatnil-k20/

*Store away from the reach of children

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