Krazy Lines Spray (Multi-Insect Killer)

KRAZYLINES SPRAY (Multi-insect killer spray)


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Krazy Lines Spray is used for flying as well as crawling insects i.e multi insect killer.

The formulation used in New Krazy Lines Spray is Deltamethrin + Allethrin which are very effective for killing all types of flying and crawling insects immediately.

It is provided with the spray through cap.

To cater to various customer requirement New Krazy Lines Spray is added in our portfolio of products .Being Multi insect spray it is effective on crawling/flying insects. Spray New Krazy Lines Spray for flying insects in a covered room and leave the room closed for 15 to 20 minute after that you can open the door and window you will find all flies and mosquito dead in the room. Kindly cover your face with a cloth while spraying.

For using on crawling insects spray in cracks/crevices and usual hiding place of crawling insects. It will show immediate effect and you can see crawling insect lying dead.


*Store away from the reach of children

*Products will be delivered within 10-14 days



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