Stainfree Ultra : Fabric Stain Remover



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Stainfree is the only economical and effective stain remover in the market for clothes. Stainfree can remove all type of stains like ink/tea/coffee/pickles/blood/grease and even ball pen mark with ease and effectiveness. Stainfree does not contain bleach and hence is safe for coloured clothes as well.

Stainfree is available in 30ml with a flip top ready to use pack. Stainfree 100ml/ 250ml / 500ml are available with a sealed nozzle pack which can be used by making a pin hole on the plug.

On fresh stains, stainfree liquid is very effective. Apply stainfree on fresh stains and scrub thoroughly and then wash underwater. In case of stubborn stains reapeat the process again.

Stainfree can also be used while washing regular clothes. For better shine and cleaning of clothes just add 15 to 20 ml of Stainfree liquid in a bucket of clothes or a single load of washing machine.

Do try stainfree on hidden part of the cloth before applying it on the stain to check for any adverse reaction on the cloth. In case you see any adverse reaction on the hidden part of cloth please do not use stainfree on that particular cloth.

Available in 30ml, 100ml, 250ml and 500ml packing.

How to Use:  Wet the stained cloth, apply Stainfree on the stain and gently scrub. Wash with water and repeat steps if necessary.


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