The Original Laxmanrekhaa 6pc Pack

The Original Laxmanrkehaa (Pack Of Six)


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The Original Laxmanrekhaa is India's first and most well-known Insecticide chalk for Cockroaches & Ants, invented by Midas which is till date one of the most effective and economical product for eradicating cockroaches/ants. This Product is available throughout the Country and is a very well recognized house hold brand. The Original Laxmanrekhaa is a Copyright and Trade Mark registered brand of Midas.

Shrink wrap on the chalk will protect the hands from coming in contact with the chalk.

Cockroaches & Ants can also be hiding in Cracks & Crevices of the walls it is important to draw a lines to eradicate them.

If the kitchen is made of stainless steel grills or surface where chalk line are difficult to draw you can use old news paper to cover that area and draw the line on top of the paper.

The Original Laxmanrekhaa can also be used in unusual place like inside cupboard, below bed /sofa's because sometime infestation can by any where.

Benefit of using The Original Laxmanrekhaa is that it can be easily wiped out during regular mopping.

With The Original Laxmanrekhaa specially drawing a cross "x" is very effective because crawling insect cannot navigate across without crossing it and the product will work only when the insect cross it. If the line are not wiped the effect of the chalk remain for a longer time.


*Store away from the reach of children.

*Products will be delivered within 10-14 days

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